Petition to Reject Disaster-related Debris to be Brought-in and Incinerated in Okinawa

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An urgent petition to governor of Okinwa, mayor of Naha city and Haebaru town

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Nowadays in Okinawa, incinerating disaster-related debris from Miyagi and Iwate prefectures is under consideration. However, radioactive cesium has been already detected from incinerated ash of general waste in Miyagi and Iwate. The degree of contamination of outside debris may be aggravating due to the exposure to the on-going radioactive emission from Fukushima Daichi nuclear station. The current measuring method is not perfect, so the safety of these debris cannot be ensured. Transporting contaminated debris itself may expand the risk. Furthermore, if such debris is incinerated, radioactive material could be gasified and settled in people’s lungs, which could cause lung cancer or be carried through blood vessels all over their bodies to cause various kinds of diseases, even with a minute quantity of radionuclide. In addition, radioactive materials would worsen the environmental contamination on land and the seas through air circulation and precipitation. Incinerated ash would contain concentrated radioactive materials and radioactive cesium is soluble to water, which could be the cause of expanded sea water contamination around the final storage site. Moreover, debris would contain asbestos, arsenic, hexavalent chromium, PCB etc, which cannot be fully separated. In case a leakage accident occurred at the incineration facility, the damage would be a tremendous one.

We should never leave a negative legacy to our offspring. We believe that the true humanitarian aid is to stop the expansion of radioactive contamination and preserve Okinawa’s safe land, sea, and the air so that we can give opportunity for the disaster sufferers to evacuate or recuperate to Okinawa and ensure health of children and provide learning places for children. By carrying out these measures, we believe we can show a role model for local municipalities nationwide. Accordingly, we call for the followings to Okinawa Governor Hirokazu Nakaima.

    1. Please reject disaster-related debris since its safety cannot be ensured.
    2. Please reinforce the support system that is unique to less contaminated land of
      Okinawa, such as continued admission of evacuees.

We request the above with the attached sheets of petitioners.

Download the petition (PDF)
Or you can sign it at the following shops near you.

Naha-city Asato101
Situated between Monorails Miebashi Station and Makishi Station,
close to Kokusai-dori.
Online petition Say NO to radioactive debris in Okinawa

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